Forever Diminishing Supply

With every transaction the Total Count goes down. When you buy/sell/transfer any PFY token, 10% is deducted and distributed as follows:

  • 4% goes to Farming Rewards for next day.
  • 1.5% goes to PFY holders.
  • 2% goes to the Impermanent Loss Insurance fund.
  • 2% gets burnt.
  • 0.5% goes to team & marketing.

No Minting, Profitable Farming

Every farming project mints (often, an unnatural amount of) tokens to reward the farmers. This increases Total Supply (TS). At PolyDefy, we don't mint EVER!

The reward for farmers come from the trade volume of the previous day. For example, if a total of 50,000 PFY were bought/sold/transferred yesterday, today the farm rewards will be 4% of 50,000 PFY, i.e. 2000 PFY.

The same method can be used to calculate Holder Reward, ILI fund, Burn etc. Say NO to Inflation, YES to PolyDefy.

Never make IL again

Impermanent Loss Insurance

Hate to Farm because you always end up making Impermanent Loss? Not Anymore! At PolyDefy, every trade sends 2% to the Impermanent Loss Insurance (ILI) which covers you from the potential loss.

PolyDefy Tokenomics is carefully designed but if you still end up making IL, this fund will automatically cover your losses and send you the amount which nullifies your loss.


10% TAX


2021 August Launch
  • Fair Launch on Quickswap
  • Core Farming
  • CoinGecko & Coinmarketcap Listing
2021 September ILI & Partnership
  • Impermanent Loss Insurance
  • Partner Farming
2021 October Exchange Listing
  • Official Listing on Major Dex (Expected)
2021 December NFT
  • Tangible Value NFT Launch
2022 January Exchange Listing
  • Launch on Major CEX (Expected)

Frequently asked questions

Whats the total supply of PFY tokens?

100,000 PFY. This will only go down with time. No PFY will be minted ever. We don't have any such provisions in our code.

Yes. Check here

The devs provided the initial liquidity which they provided from their own pockets.

For PFY, day starts at 07:00 GMT (UTC). Every calculation will be based on this. Please convert this to your local time.

Nope. We will introduce new farms as we make new partnerships. However, these two farms will carry the highest allocation of rewards.


We earn only from your trades. So, we have every motivation to take this forward as we earn only when the project is active.

This is done via a smart contract.